How to make the most of this Chakra Test

  Introduction The primary purpose of this test is to awaken an interest in chakras, thereby raising awareness of aspects of personality. You can save your results by make a print-out of the webpage (click on the Print Page button to create a printer friendly page), or by having them sent to you by email. For the latter option to work you need to enter a working email address. Check to see that your email address is correct before clicking on the 'submit' button.

  Empower yourself You can only get the true value of this test if you respond to the statements in a manner that truly indicates who you are - not who you would like to be. Perhaps your energy use it totally wonderful. In that case choosing will be easy and not require much courage. However, if your energy use is sub-optimal is takes courage to make choices that confirm weakness at certain levels. Making such courageous choices is empowering and will really help you. Only opt to click on 'NEUTRAL' if any other choice seems really wrong. Wishy-washy choices guarantee a wishy-washy outcome, clear choices guarantee a clear outcome, giving you a sound basis to work on improving your energy use.

  Visualisation Your choices are processed on our server, and the results sent to your screen. The left hand column has a graphical representation of your energy centres, showing level of activity, positive and negative development. The middle column provides a succinct analysis of the balance between positive and negative forces. The right hand colum shows the chakras within the contours of the body, to familiarise you with their locations. You may click any chakra for a brief explanation of the energy level they represent. The example depicted here relates to someone with highly active chakras, and almost entirely positive development.

  Internet Explorer If your are using Internet Explorer (not a good idea, because both Firefox, Chrome, and Operaare far better), make sure that you refresh any results pages for repeated use. If you rerun the survey, or a run a review a second time, either for yourself or for others, intellectually challenged Internet Explorer will go back to its memory cache and show you the last page stored in it - instead of creating a new one with the updated results. This means that you have to manually force Internet Explorer to refresh any results pages after the first use!