The Enlightened Leader by Peter ten Hoopen and Fons Trompenaars sheds light on personality aspects using a symbol set inspired by Yoga philosophy: the Chakras of Leadership®, seven energy centres that stimulate or impede the development of a truly successful personality. The book aims to give readers a clear view of their own leadership style, and their potential to play a role of true importance. Enlightened is the leader who manages to integrate all aspects of his or her personality, is aware of universal connectedness, and allows this awareness to become the touchstone of all actions. In passing, the authors give inspiring suggestions and practical tips for an enlightened way of life - with sufficient relativism to stay firmly grounded and make a difference.


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I constantly worry about money
I take life as it comes
I feel strongly grounded
I like to have power over others
I lack focus and discipline
I feel safe and secure in this world
I often have physical complaints
I constantly strive for bigger and more beautiful possessions
I always manage to come out allright, I am a true survivor
I have no problem relaxing and doing nothing
I connect easily with other people
I am a truly creative person [creative not just in artistic sense]
I can easily get engulfed by other people's feelings
I am frigid, not very open to erotic excitement
I have good emotional intelligence
I wish I were more independent
I can manipulate people by seducing them
I love to have sex - can't get enough of it
I like to indulge in sensual pleasures
I sometimes feel completely drained of energy
I usually achieve what I want
I know what I am worth and do not easily feel inferior to others
I have a tendency to blame others
I am ashamed of my own role in life
I assume ownership of my own life
I rely largely on the support of others
I am headstrong, inflexible
I don't need anyone to support me
I finish what I start
I have little sense of humour
I am always striving for harmony
I am a warm, feeling sort of person
I have a hard time overcoming grief
I am sentimental
I am courageous
I do not easily forgive myself for my mistakes
I am emotionally dependent on others
I will sacrifice myself for a good cause when needed
I love my loved ones unconditionally
I sometimes yell at subordinates
I am good at all forms of communication
I have a strong sense of community
I talk too much, too loud or too insistent
I like to keep certain aspects of myself secret
I feel strongly attracted to purity
I have little self-discipline
I am not very musical
I often get so enthused that I want to tell everyone
I speak mainly to really express my inner life
I think of myself first and foremost
I rely more on my intuition than on rational considerations
I know myself through and through
I prefer concrete descriptions over symbols and metaphors
I tend to have my own opinion about things and stick to it
I often have presentiments that later turn out to be correct
I am quite attached to established values and norms
I have a clear picture of my place in the world
I devote myself with great energy to causes I hold dear
I will not take decisions untill I know the objective facts
I am often surprised by the twists of fate
I [may not be perfect, but] live with myself in peace
I have a sense of being part of a greater whole
I am already quite a bit more enlightened than most people
I really should watch less television
I know nothing more fulfilling than helping others
I have already seen a fair number of gurus
I pledge my life to a higher purpose
I have had experiences of universal unity
I am making myself unhappy by my own doing
I am convinced that everything is knowable by rational means